Liberal Activist is a right-wing website that's willing to fight back against the radicalization and extreme entropy of the hypocritical, fascist beliefs of the Liberal Progressive Democrat Party.

We are constantly exposing Liberal Activist Groups that exploit real and mainstream media fabricated crises in an attempt to seize power and push forward a ‘radical pro-socialist agenda’.

​It's time we need to act as one in stopping the Liberal Progressive agenda, radical rhetoric, agenda, ideological beliefs and the hypocrisy that makes up the new Liberal Democrat Party.

liberal activist is exposing the Liberal and democrat Agenda.

An America Without the Politically Correct Hypocrisy and Thuggery of the Left-Wing Liberal Activists, Progressive Socialists and the end of Snowflakes. 

To Put an End to the rein of the Hypocritical, Fascist Thuggery, Radical Rhetoric, and stop the Liberal Progressive Agenda of the Self-Proclaimed Politically Correct Liberal Activists and Democrats.